Ayrton Infantometer Model M-200

Ayrton Infantometer

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The Ayrton Infantometer Model M-200 is a high quality and durable infantometer made with material to ensure trouble free operation for years. There are no parts to break or wear out. The Ayrton Infantometer's ergonomic design features soft edges to protect the infants from unnecessary injury. The foot board moves smoothly, without binding, under all environmental conditions. The color of the M-200 is cream with complimentary colored anodized aluminum and molded thumb screws. The scale graduation measures to the nearest millimeter in blue and the nearest sixteenth of an inch in pink. The foot board brackets are stainless steel.  

Measurement Range 15 - 38 inches 38 - 96.5 centimeters
Graduation 1/16 of an inch
Return 30 Day Return Policy
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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