Hite-Rite Precision Mechanical Stadiometer

Hite-Rite Stadiometer

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The Ayrton 226, formerly known as the seca 226, Hite-Rite Precision Mechanical Stadiometer accurately measures within the nearest sixteenth of an inch. The long lasting, anodized aluminum construction of the Ayron 226, seca 226 Hite Rite Stadiometer ensures accuracy through years of consistent use. The clear plexi-slide of the Ayrton 226, seca 226 Hite Rite Stadiometer measuring device makes measurements easy to read, while assuring smooth, binding-free, movement under any environmental condition.

The Ayrton 226 Hite-Rite Precision Mechanical Stadiometer (formerly known as the seca 226) is the economical alternative for subspecialty needs--or general practice.

Measurement Range 22" - 84" / 56 - 213 cm
Graduation 1/16" / 1 mm
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Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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