QM338 KIT Wall Growth Chart Kit with Measurement Head Piece

Wall Growth Chart Kit

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The QM338 KIT combines the popular QM338 Growth Height Chart with the QM338HP Headpiece to ensure the most accurate results when measuring height.

The QM338 Wall Growth Chart tracks height all the way up to 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) and measures in increments of 0.25 in (or 0.5 cm). The Height Chart is wall-mounted, starting at floor level, with the adhesive backing allowing the chart to be applied to any clean, dry and smooth surface and will stick well to wood, hard plastics, glass, steel, aluminum, etc.

The QM338 Height Chart is constructed of I ml sturdy, laminate material. The blue text on white background really stands out, and provides easily recognizable reference points for ease of reading. The Height Chart measures in inches, centimeters, and feet and inches for your convenience. The wide margins are designed to provide room for handwritten notes. This is an ideal chart for keeping long term growth records.

The QM338HP is constructed of wood, with a smooth finish. The right angle construction of the Head Piece, makes it simple to obtain level, accurate measurements. Simply place one side of the triangle flat against the wall, following the Growth Chart Track. The Head Piece device can then be moved down until it comes in contact with the patient's head. The Measurement Head Piece helps provide far more accurate results than a visual read alone, and is more precise than using a flat object, such as a book or board.

The QM338 and QM338HP are proudly made in the USA.


Measurement Range 0" - 78"
Graduation 0.25"
Includes QM338 Height Chart, QM338HP Right Angle Head Piece

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