seca 284 DP Measuring Station

Seca DirectPrint 284 is a measuring station that will simultaneously weigh and measure height of your patients. The seca directprint 284 measuring station transmits height, weight, and BMI to your printer with the press of a button.

Other advantages include the heel positioner, sturdy headpiece with the incorporated seca Frankfurt Line for precise head placement, and high-capacity scale integrated in a slip-resistant glass platform with an anti-tip column design. Two screens are included with the Seca Directprint 284, one for reading height directly from the headpiece and the other a three-line multi-function touch display that displays height, weight, and the BMI as it is calculated automatically.

Height Measurement Range 11″ – 7 ft 2″ / 30 – 220 cm
Height Graduation 0.05″ / 1 mm
Weight Capacity 660 lbs / 300 kg
Weight Graduation 0.1 lbs / 50 g
seca 284 Measuring Station
seca 284 display

The seca 284 Measurement Station wirelessly communicates all measurements via the seca 360° and has a tiny 50-gram graduation that can detect even the smallest weight fluctuations. Your patient receives a customized printout explaining their nutritional situation based on their BMI thanks to the cutting-edge 360° wireless technology and software module seca directprint. The printout offers insightful advice and helpful hints on diet, leading a healthy lifestyle, and details on how much energy is used during various physical activities.

The seca directprint is the perfect tool for promoting maintaining a healthy weight. Along with providing your patients’ height, weight, and BMI, it also collects their data into a simple-to-read one-page printout with sensible advice on weight control. It draws attention to the issue of overweight and obesity without making your overweight patients feel uncomfortable, making it the perfect icebreaker for them. This lowers barriers to communication, encourages open discussion, and ultimately inspires your patients to research the issue more thoroughly and take action. since a result, your practice may experience financial gains since you can now provide new services.


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