Best Digital Stadiometers

A digital stadiometer is a device used to measure height. Most digital stadiometers consists of a vertical rod or pole mounted on the wall, with a digital display that shows the height measurement. The person being measured stands with their back against the rod, and the device accurately measure their height and shows it on the digital display. Digital stadiometers are considered to be more accurate and easier to use than traditional analog stadiometers, which require the person doing the measuring to estimate the measurement based on markings on the rod.

Digital Stadiometer

Best Overall

HM210D Digital Wall Mounted Stadiometer

HM210D Digital Stadiometer

The HM210D Digital Wall Mounted Stadiometer has a measurment range of 39 to 83 inches with 1/16 inch graduations. The Charder HM210D Stadiometer mounts securely to the wall and features a heel plate to ensure accuracy. This stadiometer measures in inches or centimeters and shows the height is a digital LCD display and manual markings on the height rod.

Most Popular

InBody Push Portable Ultrasound Stadiometer

In Body Push Digital Stadiometer

The InBody PUSH Stadiometer has a sleek triangular design that is lightweight a easy to use. It is perfect for measuring height of children and adults, and can measure a height range from 1ft 8″ to 6ft 7″, making it a versatile utility for home and clinic use. Just press the triangular button once to turn on the PUSH stadiometer and once more to initiate measuring mode. Place the device horizontally so that the orange indicator is aligned with the top of the patient’s head.

Clinic Choice

Health-O-Meter – 209HR – Digital Height Rod

Health O Meter – 209HR Wall-Mounted Digital Height Rod

The Health-O-Meter 209HR Digital Wall Mounted Stadiometer features a measurement range of 39 1/3″ to 78 ¾” and has a 0.1″ resolution. The 209HR has a well-designed headpiece that slides smoothly along height rod channel and remains securely in place when not in use.