Best Stadiometers

Stadiometers or Height Rods are used for height measurement and often found in a healthcare facility. A stadiometer is often used for an annual medical checkup, or health assessment. Most stadiometers will read in centimeters and inches and the range can vary from young children to very tall adults. The mechanical wall mounted stadiometer is most common, there are also versions that use an electronic sensor to give a digital reading and portable stadiometers are available which can be used against a wall or stand alone. In many models the headpiece can be locked in order to record accurate measurement.

Portable Stadiometers are lightweight and set up quickly and easily for transportation between patient visits. These are the perfect onsite or on the road height measurement solution for healthcare professionals.

Best Portable Stadiometers

Wall mounted stadiometers allow medical professionals to measure height using a ruler and sliding headpiece. digital stadiometers take a more high-tech approach to height measurement. A stadiometer is an essential piece of equipment in all practices, hospitals, clinics and research facilities, as height plays an important role in understanding patient health.

Best Wall Mounted Stadiometers