seca 416 Infantometer

The seca 416 infantometer is a measuring device designed specifically for infants. It is used to accurately measure the length of infants and young children in order to monitor their growth and development.

The Seca 416 Infantometer has a sturdy, extra-large design for accurate measurement. The measuring surface’s trough shape guarantees proper lying alignment for more precise results. The foot positioner cannot be moved by a baby kicking due to the locking button, and the measurement scale is printed along the top side for easy viewing. This baby measuring tool, which weighs only 8.3 lbs, can also be used outdoors.

Measurement Range 13 to 39 inches
Graduation 1/16 inch

The device is especially helpful for medical professionals since it enables them to swiftly and precisely measure an infant’s length and monitor their growth over time. In clinical settings, such as hospitals and clinics, as well as in research studies, it can be used to track the growth of infants and young children. The seca 416 infantometer is a perfect tool for busy healthcare workers because it is simple to use and offers quick, accurate measurements.

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  1. The seca 416 allows us to quickly and accurately measure the length of an infant it is very important for monitoring the child’s growth and development.

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