Digital Stadiometers

Digital Stadiometer

Precise Measurements

Digital Stadiometers take a high-tech approach to height measurement. These height measuring devices give precise measurements, either using sliding headpieces or sonar triangulation, and report them in a digital format.

Easy to use

Digital Stadiometers provide an effortless height measurement technology that is used by doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals all over the world.


inBody Push ultasound stadiometer

InBody Push Portable Ultrasound Stadiometer

InBody Push Height Measuring Device for Children and Adults – Track Height, Room Temperature and Humidity

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Befour HTR101

Befour HTR-101 Digital Stadiometer

Befour’s HTR-101 Digital Height Rod features fast and accurate performance at an attractive price. With its user-selectable 51″ measurement range

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seca 264 digital stadiometer

Seca 264 Wall-Mounted Digital Stadiometer

The seca 264 digital stadiometer helps make height measuring much more accurate. The heel positioner and Frankfurt Line headpiece

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Detecto Sonaris Sonar Stadiometer

SONARIS Touchless Sonar Stadiometer

Detecto Sonaris Sonar Stadiometer The Sonaris sonar digital stadiometer provides touch-less measurements with sonar technology

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Health O Meter – 209HR Wall-Mounted Digital Height Rod

Health O Meter – 209HR – Digital Height Rod

The headpiece on the 209HR offers digital measurements in centimeters, feet, or inches in increments of 0.1″ or 1 mm

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seca 274 Digital Wireless Stadiometer

seca 274 Digital Wireless Stadiometer

The free-standing seca 274 digital stadiometer has a measuring range from 11 to 86 inches so it can be used for small children to adults

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DHRWM Digital Height Rod

Detecto DHRWM Digital Height Rod

This wall mounted stadiometer uses a LCD digital display for height readings, as opposed to the traditional height markings that are read manually.

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Houseables Digital Scale with Sonar Stadiometer

Digital Scale with Sonar Stadiometer

Easily calculate weight, height, and BMI in one smooth motion so that you can continue with your diagnosis quickly and efficiently.

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Digital Stadiometer

HM210D Digital Stadiometer

The Charder DigiStad HM210D offers precision digital height measurement at a very affordable price. The Charder HM210D DigiStad Stadiometer

Heightronic 235D

Heigtronic 235 Digital Stadiometer

In 1996 QuickMedical introduced the 235 Heightronic Digital Stadiometer. This was the stadiometer used by NHANES and The CDC