Wall Mounted Stadiometers

Wall Mounted Stadiometer


When a stadiometer is mounted to a wall you can be assured stable accurate measurements. This design allows for quick and straightforward measurement with more accuracy that a height rod mounted on a scale.

Easy to use

With a Wall Mounted Stadiometer, you receive height readings quickly, accurately, and comfortably. The patient stands with their back against the measuring rod and you can easily read the height measurement.

HM230M Wall Mounted Stadiometer

The Charder HM230M wall-mounted height-measuring rod delivers professional accuracy for home or health care environments.

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seca 216 Wall Mounted Stadiometer

The seca 216 has a range of 3.5 to 230 cm (1.4 – 90 inch) and is easily mounted on the wall at the desired height.

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Detecto 3P Wall Mounted Height Rod

This easy to use stadiometer with a folding headpiece is the perfect choice for height measurements

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Health o Meter Wall Mounted Height Rod

The Health o Meter Wall Mounted Height Rod has a large headpiece, leveling bubble, and features a clear indicator

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seca 222 Wall Mounted Stadiometer

Designed for wall mounting, this measuring rod is aligned to work exactly to the millimeter from head to toe.

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HM200PW Charder wall mounted Stadiometer

HM200PW Wall-mounted Stadiometer

The Charder HM200PW Wall Mounted Digital Stadiometer can be used to measure patients up to a maximum height of 80 inches

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Wall Mounted Digital Stadiometers


Health O Meter – 209HR – Wall-Mounted Digital Height Rod

The headpiece on the 209HR offers digital measurements in centimeters, feet, or inches in increments of 0.1″ or 1 mm

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Befour HTR-101 Digital Wall Mounted Stadiometer

Befour’s HTR-101 Digital Height Rod features fast and accurate performance at an attractive price. With its user-selectable 51″ measurement range

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Detecto DHRWM Digital Height Rod

The Detecto DHRWM Digital Stadiometer uses a LCD digital display for quick and accurate height readings.

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Seca 264 Wall-Mounted Digital Stadiometer

seca Digital Wall Mounted Stadiometer features a Frankfurt line positioner for accurate measurements.

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