Portable Stadiometers

Portable Stadiometer

Easy Set Up

All of these portable stadiometers set up and break down easily for transportation between healthcare settings. Each one of these stadiometers would be the perfect height measurement solution for home healthcare professionals. They are also ideal for doctors’ practices and pediatric hospitals. The measuring rod on most of these devices can be dismantled into several pieces and assembles quickly and easily.

Lightweight and Durable

Portable Stadiometer are lightweight and durable for transporting between patient visits. These have all been tested on the field and stand up to multiple locations and uses.


HM200P Portable Stadiometer

The HM200P is perfect for health screening. It can be set up nearly anywhere for measurement at home, in offices, or clinics

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InBody Push Portable Ultrasound Stadiometer

InBody Push Height Measuring Device for Children and Adults – Track Height, Room Temperature and Humidity

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seca 213 Portable Stadiometer

The seca 213 mobile stadiometer is perfect for use in the field but also ideal for doctors’ practices and pediatric clinics

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Detecto PHR – Portable Height Rod

The Detecto PHR stadiometer is designed so that you could add a Detecto DR400C digital floor scale at the base

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Hopkins Portable Stadiometer

The Hopkins Portable Stadiometer is a lightweight and sturdy height rod that sets up and breaks down easily for transportation

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ONE-MI Portable Stadiometer and Scale

The ONE-MI Portable Stadiometer is a fold-able mechanical height rod and Scale in one easy to use unit.

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