Recumbent Length

Infantometers or Measure Mats are Pediatric Height Scales. These devices are used to measure the length of new-borns and infants to assess growth and development. These may be used to measure infants up to 2 years old.

Easy to Use

Infantometers make it quick and easy to measure babies and toddlers up to two years old. Position the infants head at one part of the infantometer and slide the foot piece in place at the other side.

Charder HM80D Digital Infantometer

HM80D Digital Infant Measuring Device
The Charder HM80D Digital Infantometer measures infant length with two sliding arms.

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seca 416 infantometer

seca 416 Infantometer
The seca 416 infantometer is a measuring device designed specifically for infants.

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Measure Mats

seca 210 measuremat

seca 210 Mobile Measuring Mat
The seca 210 Measuring Mat is light-weight and easy to clean. Perfect for babies or toddlers

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Measure Mat for infants

Infant Measuring Mat
The Medarchitect measuring mat measures your baby and toddle in both inches and centimeter

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Zjchao Measure Mat

Zjchao Measure Mat
The Zjchao Measure Mat is printed with graphic instructions. Fixed head and sliding foot positioner makes baby measurements quick

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HM210 Infant Measure Mat

HM110M – Infant Measuring Mat
Measuring the length of babies can be as easy as laying them down on top of the HM110M Measuring Mat

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