Infant Measuring Mats

Infant Measuring Mats are lightweight, fold-able, and washable. These infantometers make measuring a baby’s growth quick and easy.

seca 210 measure mat

This is a great portable option for visiting nurses or locations that have very little space. The Measure Mat can be folded up for easy transport or storage. They all feature a fixed headpiece with a sliding foot postioner for measuring an infants recumbent length.

Infant Measuring Mat

The Medarchitect measuring mat measures your baby and toddle in both inches and centimeters from 8-39 inches, 20-99 cm This ...
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seca 210 – Mobile Measuring Mat

The seca 210 - Mobile measuring mat is light-weight and easy to clean. Perfect for babies or toddlers it has ...
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Zjchao Measure Mat

The Zjchao Measure Mat is printed with graphic instructions. Fixed head and sliding foot positioner makes baby measurements quick and ...
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Infant Measuring Mat – HM110M

Measuring the length of babies can be as easy as laying them down on top of the HM110M Measuring Mat ...
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