Sonar Digital Stadiometers

Measure your patients’ height quickly and accurately with a sonar stadiometer. They use sonar technology to measure height with a measurement range that make them perfect for measuring height of small children or tall adults.

Sonic Stadiometer

A sonar stadiometer is easy to use, the patient stands beneath the sonar arm and the sonar technology automatically triangulates the position of the patient’s head. Then calculating their height and displaying the number on a digital display screen.

Sonar stadiometers show height in feet and inches, centimeters, or millimeters on a digital display. Most units will automatically calibrate. The touch-less technology can help reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

Detecto Sonaris Sonar Stadiometer

This height measuring device can be used stand-alone or on a desktop/tabletop. It could also be wall mounted for permanent use.

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Sonar Stadiometer with Digital Scale

Easily calculate weight, height, and BMI in one smooth motion so that you can continue with your diagnosis without wasting time.

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