Height Measuring Tape

Height Measuring Tape also referred to as Body Measuring Tape is an accurate measuring tool designed for medical and fitness professionals. Easy to mount with just one screw and the height measuring tape could be removed from the wall when not in use.

Height Measuring Tape

Height measuring tape is a highly accurate and reliable measuring tool that is ideal for healthcare professionals, fitness trainers, and dietitians. Most of these tape measures are made of durable fiberglass or metal.

These are often one of the most affordable options for accurate height measuring. The compact design makes these stadiometers ideal for tight spaces. When fixed to the wall with a single screw it does not take up any space on the ground.

Wall mounted height tape
seca 206 bodymeasure

Seca 206IN Bodymeter Measuring Tape

Easy to read height measuring. Uncomplicated wall mounting with just one screw this space saving stadiometer measures from 0 to 87 inches.

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Wall Mounted Tape Measure

Kakalote Metric Height Measuring Tape

Measures in metric only (not feet and inches) 0 to 200 cm. Retractable Tape Measure with easy to read height values. Simple installation with one screw removable for long-term re-use.

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Hilitand wall mounted measuring tape

Hilitand Height Measuring Tape

With metric height values, this retractable tape measure is simple to read. range of measurements is 0 to 200 cm.

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Metric Height Measure

Metric Wall Mounted Height Measuring Tape

Metric measurements exclusively (no feet or inches) from 0 to 200 cm. Height values on a retractable tape measure that are simple to read.

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