Portable Digital Stadiometers

These portable digital stadiometers can be moved from one room to another in health care facilities or take out to locations for wellness screening.

Portable Digital Stadiometers

A portable digital stadiometer offers several advantages:

Digital stadiometers provide highly accurate measurements, typically to within 0.1 cm or less.
Ease of use
Digital stadiometers have clear displays and simple controls, this can help reduce errors and save time when taking measurements.
Patient Records
Some digital stadiometers come with features that can automatically record and store height measurements into patient records.

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inBody Push ultasound stadiometer

InBody Push Portable Ultrasound Stadiometer

The InBody PUSH is a handheld, next-generation stadiometer that uses an ultrasound sensor to measure height with pinpoint accuracy.

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Houseables Digital Scale with Sonar Stadiometer

Portable Touchless Sonar Stadiometer

This Stadiometer with Digital Scale can measure weight, height, and calculate BMI all at once with unmatched speed and accuracy..

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seca 274 Digital Wireless Stadiometer

seca 274 Digital Wireless Stadiometer

The seca 274 portable digital stadiometer can be used for small children or adults. Read height from the backlit display on the headpiece or wireless data transmission.

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Detecto Sonaris Sonar Stadiometer

SONARIS Portable Sonar Stadiometer

The Detecto Sonaris sonar digital stadiometer provides touch-less measurements with sonar technology that triangulates the top of the patient’s head instantly.

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