Wall Mounted Digital Stadiometers

Wall-mounted digital stadiometers are considered the most accurate way to measure a person’s height. They are specifically designed for this purpose and provide a consistent and reliable measurement with easier to read and record the measurements.

seca 264 wall mounted stadiometer
Digital Display
Wall-mounted digital stadiometers provide a digital display, making it easier to read and record the measurement accurately.
Increased Precision
Digital stadiometers are capable of measuring height to a fraction of a millimeter, providing increased precision over traditional stadiometers.
Data Recording
Many digital stadiometers are equipped with memory functions that store the measurement data, making it easier to update patient records
Height Range
Digital stadiometers often have a broader range of height measurement, accommodating small children to tall adults

Health o meter Digital Height Rod

The digital display offers quick and easy to read measurements at any height or angle, leaving no confusion on the part of the user about the patient’s height.

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Seca 264 Wall-Mounted Digital Stadiometer

The seca 264 digital stadiometer makes height measuring much more accurate. The heel positioner and Frankfurt Line on the headpiece ensure most accurate height measurements.

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Detecto DHRWM Digital Stadiometer

This height rod is wall-mounted, and the screen can be used with either their wall-mount or desktop bracket.

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Befour HTR-101 Digital Height Rod

The Befour HTR-101 Digital Height Rod features fast and accurate digital performance at an attractive price.

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