Assessing Growth in Children

Measuring Children

Assessment of human development requires exact and reproducible measurements of height. Recumbent length is regularly assessed in children less than 2 years old. At the point when a child is mature enough to stand on their own, it is suggested that a wall-mounted stadiometer be used for measuring height. The height measuring devices mounted on a scale are sufficient for an adult checkup but not accurate enough for growth analysis of children. It is useful to measure both length and height in children under 3 years old to permit correlations with earlier length measurements and to start a record of standing height for progressing examinations.

For recumbent length it is ideal to utilize a firm edge where the head lies, and a mobile footboard, on which the feet are set opposite to the plane of the length of the baby.

infantometer measure mat

Ideally, the child ought to be relaxed and their legs should be fully extended, and the head ought to be situated so that the child is looking straight up from the reclining position.

Situating of the young patient in the wall mounted stadiometer is also important. The patient ought to be completely erect, with the head positioned to look straight ahead it is often useful to have a focal point at the opposite end of the room. The back of the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels should be against the wall with the feet together. Ideally each growth assessment ought to be made at the same time of day.  

Height measurements should be performed by a trained individual. It is suggested that measurements of children be taken three times before the average is recorded, there should be very little variation between measurements.  

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