HM200S Wall Growth Chart

The Charder HM200S Wall Growth Chart tracks your child’s height over 6 feet tall and measures in increments of one quarter of an inch (or 0.5 cm).

The chart starts at 0 and is placed along the wall starting at floor level. Simple peel and stick. The adhesive backing can be applied to any clean, dry and smooth surface and will stick well to wood (preferably sealed), hard plastics, glass, steel, aluminum, etc.

Black text over a white background provides easily recognizable reference points even under natural lighting conditions. The wide margins, designed to provide room for handwritten notes, with the 1-mil polyester laminated covering, combine for an ideal chart for keeping long term growth records.

Measurement Range 0 to 79 in (0 – 200 cm)
Graduation 1/4 (0.5 cm)

The HM200S reads vertically upward with an effective measurement range of 0-79″ or 0-200 cm with both inch fractional graduation and centimeter grads for quick fractional or metric conversions. The fractional side of this rule reads in continuous feet and inches. Chemically inert and environmentally stable, the protective topcoat on this rule can provide you with years of worry free usage.

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