How to use an Infantometer

A medical device called an infantometer is used to measure an infant’s recumbent length. When a child is not able to stand, length needs to measured to determine the height of that child.


In pediatric clinics, hospitals, and research settings, this technique is frequently employed. The apparatus is commonly a flat, rectangular platform with an adjustable headboard and a vertical backboard. To get precise readings from the infantometer, proper use is crucial.

Healthcare practitioners who work with newborns and young children need to choose the best infantometer for their needs. When choosing an infantometer, you should take accuracy, durability, ease of use, and price into account.

Seca 417 Infantometer

When it comes to measuring newborns and young children, accuracy is essential because even minor mistakes can have a big impact on growth tracking and assessment. The device should be able to withstand repeated use as well as the abrasiveness of clinical settings, therefore durability is crucial. Another factor to take into account is the infantometer’s usability, since healthcare professionals require one that is easy to use and intuitive to reduce the possibility of measuring errors. Cost is another consideration because some healthcare facilities have to weigh the demand for high-quality equipment against limited funding.

How to use an Infantometer

  1. Prepare the infantometer: Confirm that the platform is on a level and secure surface. Before using the infantometer, make sure that it is clean and free from any dust or debris. Wipe with a disinfectant solution after each use and allow it to dry completely before the next child is measured.
  2. Adjust the headboard: The headboard should be positioned at the correct length so that you can easily place the child on the infantometer.
  3. Prepare the infant: Remove shoes and any bulky clothing that may interfere with the measurement. Place the infant on his/her back on the infantometer, with the head facing up and the feet pointing towards the end of the platform.
  4. Position the infant: Gently straighten the infant’s legs and position them parallel to each other. Make sure the feet are resting flat against the platform and are not pointing upward. This may require and additional person.
  5. Adjust the headboard: Gently press the headboard against the infant’s head try to keep the child still and looking up. Make sure the headboard is not too tight, as this can cause discomfort for the infant.
  6. Take the measurement: With the infant in position, use the measuring scale on the infantometer to obtain the length measurement. Make sure to read the measurement at eye level and record it accurately.
  7. Remove the infant: Once the measurement is complete, carefully lift the infant off the infantometer, wipe with a disinfectant solution and return the device to its storage area.

It is simple to use an infantometer, however it does require attention to detail and gentle treatment of the baby. Accurate measurements can be obtained by following the procedures indicated above, which is essential for tracking newborn growth and development.

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