Ultrasonic and Ultrasound Stadiometers

Measuring a person’s height using ultrasound also referred to as ultrasonic is done by either placing a device at the top of the persons head and measuring the distance to the ground or by measuring the distance from the ultrasonic transmitter to the top of the patients head.

Ultrasonic Stadiometer

Ultrasound is the next generation of stadiometers. They use an ultrasound sensor to measure an individual’s height with pinpoint accuracy. The height is displayed on a digital screen delivering precise measurements with just the push of a button.

Ultrasonic measuring devices assess the amount of time it takes for a sound wave to return after bouncing off the patients head. This time is then converted to a height measurement.

Ultrasonic measuring stations provide hands off operation increasing the sanitation of healthcare.

inBody Push ultasound stadiometer

InBody Push Portable Ultrasound Stadiometer

The InBody PUSH is a handheld, stadiometer that uses an ultrasound sensor to measure height.

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seca Ultrasound stadiometer

seca 286 Ultrasonic measuring station

The seca 286 determines height in just a few seconds with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology.

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