Seca 286 Wireless Ultrasonic Measuring Station

A next-generation medical scale, the seca 286 Wireless Ultrasonic Measuring Station was created to satisfy the growing needs of medical professionals in the wake of the global Covid-19 outbreak. Seca 286 provides an effective technique to measure height and weight while keeping nurses and patients safe and secure due to its refined ultra-sonic height measurement and scaling technology.

seca Ultrasound 286
Capacity: 660 lbs (300kg)
Weight Graduation: 0.1 lb (50 g)
Measurement Range: 2 ft – 6 ft 10 inch ( 60 – 210 cm)
Height Graduation: 1/8 inches (0.1 cm)

Contactless weight and height

Modern technologies incorporated in the Seca 286 enable high-precision, zero-contact measurements. In a split second, the six ultrasonic sensors determine each patient’s precise height through the use of a highly accurate digital analytic system that was specifically created for this purpose. When the patient steps on the base, the weighing scale activates immediately. Additionally, a voice guiding feature that may be turned on provides directions on how to stand properly for an accurate measurement of height. The nursing staff can then verbally record the results from a distance by speaking them aloud. Because of these capabilities, the medical team can do the procedure completely hands-free while yet keeping a 6-meter safe distance from the patient.

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