Befour HTR-101 Digital Wall Mounted Stadiometer

Befour’s HTR-101 Digital Height Rod features fast and accurate performance at an attractive price.

The adaptable HTR-101 can measure a child’s height up to an NBA player thanks to its user-selectable 51″ measurement range. The one-button smooth glide headpiece has bright LED digits that are visible even at maximum height, one-button operation, and a special auto-hold function that keeps the measurement display visible even as it is lifted out of the way. The HTR-101 stadiometer converts between inches, feet and inches, and centimeters with ease. The HTR-101 is perfect for clinics, hospitals, schools, and exercise facilities because it has no wires to get in the way. With its automated shut-off and two “AAA” alkaline batteries (included) the HTR-101 is guaranteed for up to 10,000 measurements.

Measurement Range Span 51 in (130 cm)
Graduation 0.1 in (0.1 cm )

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