AnthroFlex Wall Mounted Stadiometer

The AnthroFlex wall-mounted stadiometer with a wall plate is a practical and cost-effective solution designed for accurately measuring heights in various settings such as offices, clinics, classrooms, and more. This stadiometer offers a compact design, ensuring it doesn’t take up excessive space while providing reliable height measurements.

AnthroFlex Stadiometer
Measurement Range 0 cm – 220 cm
Graduation 1 mm

The inclusion of a wall plate with the stadiometer serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps protect the wall from any potential scratching or damage that may occur during the measurement process. This ensures that the stadiometer can be safely mounted and used without causing any undesirable marks or blemishes on the wall surface.

Additionally, the wall plate adds stability and support to the stadiometer, enhancing its overall durability. By securely attaching the stadiometer to the wall plate, you can trust that it will remain steady and accurate during height measurements, providing consistent and precise results.

With its user-friendly design and practical features, the AnthroFlex wall-mounted stadiometer with wall plate offers convenience and peace of mind when it comes to measuring heights in professional environments. Whether you’re in a medical facility, educational institution, or any other setting that requires accurate height assessments, this stadiometer is an excellent choice.

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