What is a Portable Sadiometer?

A portable stadiometer is a tool that can be used anywhere to measure someone’s height and is designed to be transported and assembled easily. It is frequently used to track height and growth of children in health assessments at schools. They can also be used to measure the height of adults for a regular check up.

Portable stadiometers are made to be lightweight, small, and simple to put together and take apart, which makes them perfect for use in remote locations like schools, community centers, and field clinics. They typically comprise of a base or stand, a measuring rod or pole, and a movable headpiece.

Portable stadiometers are often used to determine body mass index (BMI). It is an important tool used by healthcare professionals to assess a person’s risk for various health conditions related to excess body fat such as diabetes or heart disease.

Height is a crucial data point in many research studies and a portable stadiometer can be used to accurately measure the height of study participants.

Mobile Stadiometers

A mobile stadiometer often has wheels so that it can be moved from one room to another in a clinic or health care facility. These devices are not designed to be taken apart or transported to a different location.

Portable Stadiometer

Portable Stadiometers

Compare features of the top rated portable stadiometers. These all great for measuring height on the go or for occasional use in location that have limited space.

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