Heigtronic 235 Digital Stadiometer

In 1996 QuickMedical introduced the 235 Heightronic Digital Stadiometer. This Height Measuring device was considered by many to be the best device on the market to measure patients accurately, quickly, and easily. Versions of this stadiometer are still in use today and some are decades old.

Heightronic 235 Product Support

The Heightronic 235 was discontinued in 2016 user manuals are available here

The Heightronic 235 is no longer available.

Digital Stadiometer
Heightronic 235D

With the ability to be mounted at different heights, the Height Rod had a height range of up to 94 inches. Since the 235D is wall-mounted, it is very stable, able to produce repeatable results that are accurate to with 0.01 inches or centimeters, changeable at the press of a button. In fact, all of the Height Measure’s controls and programming use only three buttons. The LCD display features 0.5 inch characters, easily visible on the front of the unit, and can display measurements to within 0.001 inches or centimeters.

The headpiece of the Stadiometer utilizes a pressure-sensitive contact plate to take measurements. When the pressure sensor is triggered, two green LED lights and a beep alert the user. The height measurement will display on the Heightronic’s screen for up to 8 seconds, or until the headpiece is moved for than half an inch.

Sliding the headpiece up and down the track is easily accomplished by pulling on the pressure release handle – once released, the headpiece automatically locks to the track. The Height Rod automatically powers on with movement of the headpiece and automatically powers off when not in use.

In addition to using the LCD display, measurements can be transferred to a PC using the included USB cable – no additional software required. When using the USB connection, the Height Measuring Device will also draw power from the USB. When not connected, the Heightronic is powered by 1 to 3 CR123 batteries, with each additional battery extending the battery life. The Digital Stadiometer is assembled in the box and includes a calibration and installation tool to ensure accuracy. Installing the 235D takes about 10 minutes and all necessary hardware is already included.

Heightronic 235 Display

The Height Measuring Device can be powered by USB or up to three CR123 batteries (included). However, only one battery is necessary to power the Stadiometer. Installing the two additional batteries will increase the Electronic Stadiometer’s battery life. The Heightronic features auto-on when the carriage is moved and auto-off when left idle.

Standard Measurement Range   28-78 in (70-200 cm)
Tall Measuring Range   44-94 inches (110-240 cm)
Measurement Resolution, Default:   0.1 in or cm
Measurement Resolution, Programmable:   0.01 – 0.001 in or cm
Repeatability:   0.01 in (0.025 cm)
Maximum Headpiece Speed:   40 in/sec (100 cm/sec)
Display:   0.5 in LCD characters
Power:   1 to 3 CR123 batteries (3 included) or USB Cable
Battery Life:   4 months for single battery

Heightronic 235 Digital Stadiometer User Manual

Heightronic 235d User Manual

Heightronic 235 Digital Stadiometer Videos

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