HM200P Portable Stadiometer

The HM200P is perfect for health screening. It can be set up nearly anywhere for measurement at home, in offices, in clinics, or in schools.

Portable for height measuring at any location, the Charder HM200P Portstad Stadiometer disassembles into 4 sections and stores with headpiece in base, measuring in inches and centimeters.

Charder HM200P

The Charder HM200P is a portable stadiometer designed for use in medical settings. It consists of a vertical ruler marked with height measurements, a base for stability, and a headpiece that can be adjusted to fit the top of the head. The stadiometer is lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for use in clinics and other healthcare facilities.

Measurement Range 5 1/2 – 78 3/4 in (14 – 200 cm)
Graduation 1/8 inches (0.1 cm)

To use the Charder HM200P, the person being measured stands with their back against the vertical ruler and their heels touching the base. The headpiece is then adjusted to fit snugly against the top of the head. The height is read from the ruler, which is marked in both metric and imperial units.

How to use the HM200P Portable Stadiometer

One of the key features of the Charder HM200P is its precision. The stadiometer is designed to provide accurate height measurements to within 0.1 cm, ensuring that healthcare professionals can obtain reliable data on the growth and development of their patients.

In addition to its portability and accuracy, the Charder HM200P is also easy to use. The headpiece is adjustable and can be quickly and easily set to the correct height, and the stadiometer is straightforward to assemble and disassemble for storage.

Overall, the Charder HM200P is a reliable and convenient tool for measuring height in medical settings. It is suitable for use in a wide range of healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, and research facilities.

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  1. Hi Stadiometer,
    I have been using the HM200P for about 10 years now. I love it. It’s light weight and easy carry, break down, and to setup.

  2. the Charder HM200P has been a useful tool because it provides accurate and reliable height measurements. Easy to use in any setting.

  3. We use the HM200P for our research studies, it works great to accurately measure the height of individuals. I really like that it is designed to be easily transported to anywhere we are doing our research.

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