Accurate Length Measuring – Infants


An infantometer is a device used to measure recumbent length of an infant or young child (typically under two years old). Infantometers or measure mats are perfect for monitoring the growth of a newborn and these are used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, or in a patients home.

Portable Solution

Measure Mats can be used anywhere and are particularly useful for visiting nurses. These infantometers fold up for easy transport or storage. It is important to use them on a sturdy flat surface and have two or three adults to help align the infant’s head and legs to assure more precise and accurate measurements. Infant measure mats are waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Recumbent Length Measuring

Using a standard infantomer one person can more securely hold the newborn in place, the infantometer can measure the infant’s recumbent length with better accuracy. It’s made to measure a baby’s length when they are lying down. Monitoring an infant’s growth is essential to ensure that the child is developing normally.


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