Types of Stadiometers

The stadiometer is a device used to measure a person’s height after age two. Infantometers, which measure recumbent length, are typically used to measure infants under the age of two. There are numerous varieties of stadiometers available. This guide may assist you in choosing the ideal stadiometer for your requirements.

Wall Mounted Stadiometer

Some of the most popular types of Stadiometers

Wall Mounted Stadiometer
Wall-Mounted Stadiometers give the advantage of quick and easy height measuring in one location. There is no set-up or take down once the device has been mounted to the wall. This is the best choice for a doctors office or health care facility.

Portable Stadiometer
Portable Stadiometers are the best choice for visiting nurses or remote health assessments. These height measuring devices do not require a wall and can be used anywhere that has a sturdy level floor. These devices are very quick and easy to assemble and most come with a carrying case for easy trasportation.

Digital Stadiometer
Digital Stadiometers are considered to be even more accurate because they remove most of the human error when reading the display. These stadiometers take height measurements using a sliding headpiece or sonar triangulation and then the height is shown in a digital format. Many also offer integration with patient records.

Height Measuring Tape
Height Measuring Tape is also used to measure height while standing upright. It has a straightforward, one-screw wall mounting construction. The ideal locations to use a height measuring tape are medical facilities, exercise centers, educational institutions, and homes with limited space. The wall-mounted design makes it simple to return the tape after use. This is an easy-to-use tool for monitoring growth and changes in height over time.
Height Measuring Tape

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