What is a Stadiometer?

A Stadiometer is a device that is used to measure the height or stature of humans. These measuring instruments are often used for a yearly health assessment with your doctor.

Other names for a Stadiometer

Here are some other names that you may see a stadiometer referred to as:

  • Height Rod
  • Height Meter
  • Height Gauge
  • Height Ruler
  • Height Measure
  • Harpenden Stadiometer
Portable Stadiometer

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Harpenden Stadiometer

What is a Harpenden Stadiometer?

A Harpenden Stadiometer is a specific type of height measuring device used in medical and health settings to accurately measure the height of a person. It is named after the town of Harpenden in England, where the device was first manufactured by the company Holtain Ltd.

A typical Harpenden Stadiometer consists of a sturdy metal or plastic rod that is mounted vertically on a flat base. The person being measured stands against the rod with their head held in the Frankfurt plane, which is a standardized anatomical plane used to measure height. The height is then read from a marked scale on the stadiometer, which is usually graduated in millimeters, centimeters, or inches.

Harpenden Stadiometers are commonly used in medical examinations, growth assessments, and body composition measurements, as they provide a precise and reliable method for measuring height.

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