Accurate Height Measuring

The importance of accurately measuring height of an individual is of great importance because it reflects key data for body composition. Standardized processes for measuring height is essential for maintaining accuracy.

Portable Stadiometer

Portable Stadiometer

When using a portable stadiometer in a remote location, make sure you have adequate lighting and the stadiometer is located in flat, safe and stable surface. Carefully record the results in the correct section of the patient record and double check the data. The measuring equipment is your direct responsibility. To keep it in optimum condition, it should be transported in a bag or case provided with the device and the disassembly of the height rod should be done carefully, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The headpiece should be removed straight off the height rod to lessen the chance of damage.

As with any height measurements it is very important that the person being measured is looking straight ahead. Both feet should be together with heels against the footplate. Knees and legs kept straight. Arms should be resting at their side naturally and their buttocks should gently touch the height rod.

Portable Stadiometer

Height measurements should be performed by a trained individual. It is suggested that measurements be taken three times before the average is recorded, there should be very little variation between measurements.

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